Exciting June Fiesta Contests by Heiwa Heaven

At Heiwa Heaven, we always promote one quote i.e. “Feel the Difference”.  Supporting the same motto, we never keep things monotonous for our guests and online users. In 2017, we have taken our online participation way too higher with contests and events. June Fiesta was one of these contests which set a new benchmark for us in terms of online association with our guests and users. Let’s find out some quick glimpses from this contest.

June Fiesta Contest- 1st to 30th June 2017

We started the month of June with this very interesting June Fiesta Contest. This entire month we bombarded unique and mindboggling contests to our Facebook users.

A. Contest#1- The Word Search

It was started on the World Environment Day. In this Contest, users have to find out words and drag them using their mouse. This interesting game got massive response out of which 9 most intelligent people won this contest with aplomb, while 6 people were considered as runner-ups.  All the winners got free lunch and dinner vouchers for two people from Heiwa Heaven along with attractive silver gifts from Sogani Jewellers.

B. Contest#2- The Picture Puzzle

Second Contest of June Fiesta was one level above the previous one. This was a puzzle game where users have to complete a picture by joining its scattered cues available. There were 12 winners in this game and 3 runner-ups. The most enticing part of this contest was its prize i.e. attractive Silver gifts from Sogani Jewellers.

C. Contest#3- The Alphabet Bingo

The third contest of June fiesta was meant to test the alphabetical and vocabulary skills of the Users. It was named Alphabet Bingo! In this contest, users had to fill in the blanks with the missing letter in a word. It was a time based contest so the thrill was quite high for users while playing this game.

D. Father’s Day Contest

This was quite an emotional contest in June Fiesta but people have really enjoyed it a lot. This was not just a contest but it was our initiative to let people express their love for fathers. In this contest, we asked the users to register with us and write 3 reasons explaining – What makes their Dad a Cool Dad? We also tried to make their Father’s Day even more special by offering a Gold and Silver product as a prize for this contest.

E. Photography Contest

From emotion to creativity, we moved very soon to a contest that was all about art and creativity. We initiated a photography contest in association with Instagramers Jaipur. All the winners were offered free lunch and dinner passes at Heiwa Heaven in addition to the silver gift items from Sogani jewellers. By the time we started with this amazing contest, we entered the month of July and our registration box was filled with humungous response from the users. The contest allowed the photographers to click pictures from Heiwa Heaven only and we were astounded to see the creativity of people and to make the result justified for all, we decided to start an additional “Public Choice Photography Contest”. We asked people to vote for the best picture and decide the winner. Among all the three categories we got amazing pictures and the list of people who won these prizes is as below:

  • Chetan Singh for Adventure and Game Zone
  • DeepeshMathur for Architecture and Premises
  • Shashank Sharma for Nature

In addition to all these contests, there were some more interesting events that made our journey even more enticing. At one side, we sponsored Eventsthan 2017 at Hotel Marriott; on the other hand we hosted JSM GEM City’s Day Outing and got featured in the local newspaper City Bhaskar. It was certainly a glorious tenure for Heiwa Heaven. We owe this entire success to our guests and online users and promise to SURPRISE you with lot more events and contests in future too!

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